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LAMS is an online platform designed for crafting, overseeing, and conducting collaborative learning activities. It provides educators with an easy-to-use visual tool to design sequences of learning activities. These activities can vary from individual assignments to small group projects and whole class interactions, focusing on both educational content and teamwork collaboration.

LAMS International is the organisation that provides a range of services built around the LAMS software. These services include; technical support, hosting, training, integration and software development..


LAMS International has a range of products to assist you with your use of LAMS. Whether you would just like us to train your staff in how to use the software or host and maintain your installation of the software, we now have the products to match.

Hosting & support


We offers the convenience of a hosted solution for your institution. This option is ideal if you wish to incorporate LAMS into your teaching curriculum without the high overheads of providing the infrastructure and staff. This option saves you both time and money and we can get you started within a few hours.

Host advantages


We host your LAMS in our own optimized cloud. Therefore whether you need LAMS for a small class or 100,000 students, we can acommodate for your needs. We manage your backups and techinics. 24 x 7 helpdesk support Our services allow you to forget about all technical aspects and concentrate on the teaching and learning.



Need to integrate LAMS with your own learning platform, no problems: we can help. We provide special LAMS customisations and integrations with dozens of different learning platforms. If you have your own, we can help you get integrated with LAMS.



Need to train your teachers to get the most out of LAMS? LAMS International offers a number of different courses to assist our customers in the deployment and use of LAMS. What makes our courses different is that in addition to acquiring the technical competency required to use LAMS, we will help you with the education and pedagogy fundamentals that enable you to get the best teaching and learning outcomes through the use of LAMS.


Inclusivity at the Heart of LAMS

At LAMS, our core mission is to foster an environment that embraces everyone, especially those with diverse abilities. We hold a strong conviction that accessibility is a right, not a privilege, ensuring that each individual has full access to our services, regardless of their abilities.

To ensure accessibility, we strive to comply with internationally recognised accessibility standards. Our efforts align with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2, as well as the Revised Section 508 standards and Europe's EN 301 549 Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services.

Latest VPAT Accessibility Report

Dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our digital platforms, we actively seek to make our services more accessible and user-friendly for a diverse audience. At LAMS, we address any accessibility issues swiftly and are always open to enhancing the user experience. We encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions with us at info@lamsinternational.com. Your input is crucial in our journey to build a more inclusive and welcoming digital space for all.


Security & Compliance

We are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and use Standard Contractual Clauses. We have ISO27007:2022 Certified and also SOC2 Type II Attestation.
Additionally we comply with US Department of Education - FERPA, Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), TX-RAMP.

GDPR Compliance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and use Standard Contractual Clauses
SOC2 Type II Attestation
SOC2 Type II Attestation
PDPA Singapore Compliance
PDPA Singapore Compliance
US Department of Education - FERPA
US Department of Education - FERPA


Teaching Strategies

Scaffolded pedagogies

Video tutorials

Video tutorials

LAMS Community

LAMS Community


LAMS International Pty Ltd & LAMS Education Asia Pte Ltd

  • are the commercial services and support companies for the open source LAMS software.

  • provide LAMS hosting, technical support, training, custom software development and other LAMS services.

  • actively support the LAMS Community where teachers from over the world share their lesson plans to improve their teaching.



LAMS delivers over a million lessons a year for these clients worldwide

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